Vision & Mission

The fashion system should operate harmoniously in the utmost respect of both the environment and mankind in order to create garments made of excellent materials that are carefully designed, practical and functional while remaining sophisticated and accessible to most people.



  • Respect for the environment, seeking materials and promoting processes with the utmost respect for the environment;

  • Respect for the wearer, not tying high quality to high prices; creating garments that are timeless both in terms of fabrics and silhouettes; appreciation of non visual elements that define beauty.   

  • Respect for the workers, abstaining from any collaboration that includes the exploitation of workers or does not take into account the actual value of their human and professional contribution.


  • Between tradition and innovation, appreciating the many and different approaches as a means to an end with each step of the creative journey playing an equally important role. 

  • Between ourselves and others, with a garment as a means not only of self-expression but also of self-awareness.