The aim is to create high-quality garments which pay homage to femininity, are affordable and easy to wear.


Cerulean Linen Top


My aesthetic is a product of a constant desire for balance which can also manifest itself through the process of rediscovery. Whether it be playing with shapes, colours, patterns or fabrics, a sense of balance derives from experimenting with these elements.

Innocence and simplicity are central elements from which beauty and utility derive.
By trying to understand the everyday needs of women in regards to their wardrobe I focus on characteristics which render each piece something practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The respect for life, an attention to people, processes and materials, the confidence in the synergy between individuals, disciplines and knowledge are not only elements of a vision but are integral parts of any creation.


The selection of fabrics is an integral part of the collection and includes elements such as: refined linens, exceptional wools and precious silks.
Together with these excellent raw materials, I incorporate certain high-quality finishings (i.e. such as mother of pearl or olive wood for the buttons) to further demonstrate that utility and beauty can easily co-exist.
All of the suppliers are European and each share a mutual respect for quality and sustainability.

yak wool fabric detail