Martina Sacchetti photographed by Davide Savaidis

Martina Sacchetti photographed by Davide Savaidis

A studio in Como, Italy specialising in research, development and design of women's fashion. Benefitting from a singular vision which unites the various disciplines of the garment development process (from design to pattern-making to manufacturing), Daniele Orlandi succeeds in improving the efficiency of a fragmented fashion system by performing all functions in-house thereby able to offer high-quality products at more accessible prices.

The aim is to create high quality garments at affordable prices, made of excellent materials, with the utmost care for fit, which captures the spirit of embracing femininity.



Research and study are necessarily a passion. Discover trends, notice forms, explore colors, materials and styles. The inspiration comes from tangible elements and sensations that reveal needs and which become meanings outside of time, parts of an ageless beauty.

Lana di Yak naturale con dettagli in lino e madreperla
Aurora Linen shorts


The act of turning an idea into reality follows precise rules of construction. The garment, designed flat, will see the light in the three dimensions on which operates the pattern-maker. To design a garment with certain aplomb and fit features, provide it with the capacity to accompany and enhance the forms can only happen with a preparation which combines modern knowledge with traditional know-how.